The butterfly stitch (2 strands)

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The butterfly stitch is a technicof braiding with two strands of scoubidou.

Take two strands (a blue and a white in example).
Form a loop with the blue strand, the long side outside.

With the second strand, to form a cross loop …

… which functions as a “lasso” to catch the first loop .

now form the following loop with the same strand and introduce it into the blue loop.
In this example we will always work by introduce the next loop in front side.

Tighten the blue loop first …

… the white loop in second.
May attention so that the tightening strand of the remaining loop is outside.

Reform a loop with the blue strand and pass it in the white loop by the front side.

Tighten the white strand…

… then the blue strand!

Continue to form the loops, one by one, and always remain that,
Tighten the old loop first, then the new … the new loop should not be twisted.

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